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Cariflex stands as a global leader in isoprene rubber latex (IR Latex) and isoprene rubber (IR), specifically catering to medical end markets and other high-value sectors driven by robust growth. Committed to delivering superior product development, exceptional technical service, sustainable solutions, and a reliable quality supply, Cariflex positions itself as a catalyst for innovative advancements. The company's product line offers a distinctive value proposition, introducing a novel material that combines the essential attributes of natural rubber—such as excellent mechanical properties, elasticity, and softness—with enhancements in purity, clarity, flow, low gel content, and the elimination of natural rubber proteins.
Cariflex takes pride in producing the highest-quality Isoprene rubber latex and Isoprene rubber in the industry, establishing a dominant presence in high-end medical applications through its unique anionic polymerization technology for polyisoprene. The company's unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that its offerings not only meet but exceed industry standards, setting a new benchmark for quality and innovation in the field.

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Features And Benefits

Alternative to NR latex, solving Type I allergy risks - Very low modulus - High elongation values - Exceptional softness - Increased comfort - Versatile in existing manufacturing processes - No organic solvents


Surgical gloves - Condoms - Probe covers - Medical or food packaging adhesives