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who We are


Elastochemie Impex boasts a rich heritage that dates back to its establishment in 1989 by the esteemed Late Mr. Anil Sampat, a revered figure in the Indian Rubber Industry. Mr. Sampat's father, the late Krishnadas Sampat, was also a prominent industry member and a founding member of the All India Rubber Association (AIRIA), which played a pivotal role in fostering the industry's progress.

In the present day, Elastochemie has embarked on a journey of diversification, expanding its scope to include real estate development, finance, and the manufacturing of rubber products for medical and pharmaceutical applications. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the company ensures the procurement of top-quality products from global manufacturers of synthetic rubber, rubber chemicals, healthcare rubbers, auxiliaries, and additives. Upholding ethics, integrity, and prompt deliveries are among Elastochemie's core values.

Driven by their dedication to growth, Elastochemie's distribution business has experienced remarkable expansion year after year. The company proactively explores the market landscape to discover new inventions, ideas, and developmental products, forging robust partnerships along the way. Elastochemie places paramount importance on understanding and meeting customer needs, providing exceptional value for their products. The team's passion for the brands they represent and the products they handle is evident in the company's exceptional track record..




Rubber Industries India was established by KV Sampat with the pioneering mission to introduce the manufacturing of Latex Balloons and Rubber Toys for the very first time in India.



KV Sampat played a significant role in establishing AIRIA, a momentous milestone in the evolution of the Indian Rubber industry.



Rubber Industries India initiated the production of Latex Rubber Hand Gloves designed for industrial purposes.


Rubber Industries India led the way in manufacturing Rubber Injectable Caps and Tubes specifically tailored for pharmaceutical companies



Introduced theElastochemie Impex & ANKA Distribution Model.


Under the AIRIA presidency of Anil Sampat India Rubber Expo is born


Elastochemie receives the best distributor in Asia award from Dow Corning, USA



Recognized with the Best Distributor Award for exceptional Target Achievement and highest Sales Contribution by DOW Corning, USA



Anil Sampat receives the K.M. Philip Award for outstanding leadership, growth, and development of the Indian Rubber Industry


Anil Sampat honored with an award for Distinguished Services to the AIRIA


Shri Anil Sampat receives an award for Outstanding Lifetime Contribution to the Indian Rubber Industry



Elastochemie is bestowed with The DOW, USA Pearl Honor for exemplary business practices


Expanded warehouses across 3 locations in India and integrated various digitally advanced capabilities for improved service.


Awarded theDow Pearl Honor (Amulya 2019) for Conquering Value as a lead distributor


Elastochemie expands its presence in South India with the establishment of a new branch office and warehouse in Chennai

Change will bring pain, but will bring about improvement

Late Mr. Anil K Sampat

Founder of EIPL

Board Of Directors

Mihika Sampat is the CEO and partner at Elastochemie Impex Pvt Ltd and LLP, with a proven track record of driving business development and growth. Since joining Elastochemie in 2015, she has led the organization to new heights, expanding the product portfolio and increasing the company's geographical presence.

Mihika holds an architecture degree from KRVIA, Mumbai, a Lighting Design diploma from Instituto Marangoni, Milan, and an OMP degree from UCLA, Los Angeles. With her diverse educational background and extensive experience in the industry, Mihika brings a unique perspective to her role and has become a respected leader in her field.

Ar. Mihika Sampat


Kaumudi Sampat, currently holds the position of President and partner at Elastochemie Impex & LLP. She played a pivotal role in the establishment of the company in 1989, serving as a founding member. Before joining Elastochemie, she held the position of Director at ANKA trading, where she spearheaded the distribution of Reebok and Phoenix Shoes in India. Her efforts resulted in the successful establishment of 12 distribution outlets across the country.

Mrs. Sampat is a distinguished alumna of Bhavans College, where she earned her BA degree with a focus on Economics & Statistics. She is a passionate investor with a keen interest in real estate development. Her expertise in these areas has enabled her to make significant contributions to the industry.

Mrs. Kaumudi Sampat